Free Agency Thoughts

Friday is when free agent signings can commence…FINALLY. Time to start dishing out some musings, predictions, and questions on free agency. You can decide where I’m serious and where I’m not.

– What’s the probability of me signing a major league free agent if he receives no other offers from actual MLB teams? Will a piggy bank full of $140+ in change work? Can I get Emil Brown with that? How about Lenny DiNardo? All I want out of them is to fly out to Minnesota and play catch with me during the summer.

– Do not re-sign Joe Crede unless it’s on another incentive-based contract, and if he’s brought back, please be more itchy with the DL trigger finger when aiming at his target with the balky back.

– In addition, Scott Boras is claiming that Crede’s THIRD back surgery has fixed him. Free agency hasn’t even started and yet Boras is already lying.

– How does someone like Livan Hernandez keep getting work? Is there no concept of “replacement level”? Sure, he could give you 200 innings, but so could I, and I’d work for the league minimum! OK, I top out at 60 MPH*, may have an astronomical ERA, and probably will complain of a sore arm after 50 innings, but I’ll save your team $4 million and get your team a bunch of free negative publicity!

* Almost the same speed as Livan’s curveball!

– Orlando Cabrera last played 2B in 2000 with the Montreal Expos. It was 1 game for 3 innings. He has 27 career starts at 2B. However, you must remember that Gardy put Michael Cuddyer at 1st to replace Justin Morneau at the end of this past season when he had only 30 starts at 1B before 2009, so why are we so surprised?

PS: Cuddy also has 46 career starts at 2B. Why isn’t he being considered for the position?

– I predict at least 3 new Twins will be loathed by Twins fans next season due to poor performances.

– Free agency is starting waaaaay too late. Thanks Bud Selig. Thanks FOX.

– What’s the estimate in years on the next time the Twins sign a Type A free agent? I vote 3 years, unless the Type A guy wasn’t offered arbitration by his previous team.

– How about the estimate in years on the next time the Twins sign a free agent to a 3+ year contract? I vote 5 years, unless the contract goes to the Type A free agent previously mentioned.

– The Twins will make at least one major transaction that doesn’t make sense.

– MLB Trade Rumors has gotten through the dullness of September/October and is now back to providing 20 posts a day. Time to practice hitting my refresh button at breakneck speeds.

– Also, MLBTR is reporting that the Twins are showing interest in Mark DeRosa. Not a surprise, but his age concerns me, along with the fact that he wants a multi-year deal. Wasn’t this the reason why they didn’t pursue Casey Blake last year?

– The Yankees will sign one of the top free agents (Matt Holliday, John Lackey, etc.) as usual. They will destroy the AL East once again, yet at the end of the season, it’ll be a handful of cheap, under $1 million per year guys that significantly help the team, thus causing the media to claim that when it matters most, everyone on the Yankees chips in. Also, Joba Chamberlain will flip-flop pitching roles once again, and Derek Jeter will be mentioned in the MVP race* as well (unless he beats Joe Mauer this year).

* Potential spoiler alert on new post!

– Although the Twins are looking at 1-2 veteran pitchers, these pitchers MUST be exempt from consideration:*

  1. Jarrod Washburn. Realize his great Mariner portion of the season was due to a great defensive OF.
  2. Anyone that used to pitch (poorly) for the Twins, i.e. Livan Hernandez, Sidney Ponson, Ramon Ortiz. To be fair though, I’m sure the Twins aren’t considering any of these guys.
  3. Anyone with an ERA over 4.50 in ’09 and had a similar FIP. Sadly, this is where the Twins may look.
  4. Mark Prior. He’s intriguing, but he’ll get a blister just from holding his luggage bag and will tear his tricep setting his luggage bag into the overhead compartment on the plane when he first flies to Florida for spring training.

* This was rather vague. Sorry.

And lastly…

– Free agents are represented by agents. I guess that means that the agents have agents.


2 Responses to “Free Agency Thoughts”

  1. Josh Says:

    I think you are dead-on with your prediction of a failed signing or two down the road.

    They are in desperate need of a #1 starter and I bet they instead blow a chunk of change on Washburn, Garland or Pavano. If I had to take one, it would be Pavano. Washburn is just too much of a Twins move to not happen. Here’s hoping the Brew Crew swoops in while the Twinks haggle for a few extra dollars. The signing will cost 6.5 million for 2010.

    The second signing will be either a 2nd or 3rd baseman. It won’t be both, because Punto is being paid too much not to play one of the positions. My call is a 2nd baseman. Regretfully, the Twins will pay Washburn, Pavano or random mediocre pitcher too much and will thus price their way out of Polanco (who is not offered arbitration) or Felipe Lopez (no need to worry about DeRosa either) who would have solidified the #2 hole and the 2nd base position. Cabrera will get an offer to play shortstop somewhere, so no crying over him. Instead, they will sign a guy like Adam Kennedy for a 2 million salary. Darkhorse possibility… trading Jesse Crain/Matt Guerrier and mediocre prospect for Kelly Johnson.

    Finally, the Twins will sign a 4/5th outfielder who will make us go “who?” This player will be non-descript and certainly not worthy of the 1.5 million we’ll pay him. David Winfree or Jason Pridie would have made more logical sense in terms of money and production.

    And that’s how the Twins will blow 10 million dollars on 3 players who will provide little to no substance in 2010.

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