It Can’t Be True! Pt. 1

J.J. Hardy for Carlos Gomez.

I repeat, J.J. Hardy for Carlos Gomez.

Once more. J.J. Hardy for Carlos freakin’ Gomez!!!!

I was in a computer lab before my statistics class when I found out about this trade. Once I saw the linked article on Facebook, I promptly started swearing from shock and excitement. My previous post mentioned how releasing Philip Humber reduced the return from the Santana trade to Carlos Gomez, Jon Rauch (through Kevin Mulvey), and Deolis Guerra. Now the return has evolved again, this time to Hardy, Rauch, and Guerra. Sounds much better than Philip Humber, Gomez, Mulvey, and Guerra when the trade was first made, doesn’t it?

The reason why I’m so excited about this trade is that right now, it appears as though the Twins made a huge steal. Hardy has a pair of seasons hitting .280-ish with 24 and 26 home runs under his belt, so if he regains his hitting ability he’ll definitely improve the Twins’ offense.* His defense has drawn rave reviews. Gomez also has excellent defense, but his offense has yet to show up in the majors. It also signifies that Orlando Cabrera most likely won’t be re-signed, which is a plus as well.

* Hardy’s batting average on balls in play was .264 in ’09. Considering the MLB average is around .300, he SHOULD be better in ’10.

I’ll finish this post later tonight. But between now and then, it’s off to class, a meeting with an education teacher, and major celebration of this good fortune. Bill Smith, you are redeeming yourself, and I LOVE IT!

Edit: By the way, I want everyone to know that I was in huge favor of Carlos Gomez over Delmon Young, so I am a bit disappointed that Young is likely sticking with the Twins. But hey…I still feel that this is an improvement to the team.

2nd edit: I should stop promising that I’ll add or finish posts at a certain time. Like in my very first post, I mentioned that as a college student my schedule is unpredictable. I promise I’ll add to this post in the future, I just have to say that the estimated time is “indefinitely.”


3 Responses to “It Can’t Be True! Pt. 1”

  1. Josh Says:

    The funny thing is that I submitted my Twins offseason blueprint for last night and had the Twins trading Glen Perkins and David Bromberg for JJ Hardy. I think it is a solid deal for both teams, but I wish that the Twins would have held on to Gomez versus Young. It is quite apparent now that the Twins will be keeping Young, which means our defense will be fairly mediocre in the outfield. Hardy is a serious upgrade at shortstop, though, and it absolutely means we are done with Cabrera… yay! We still need a #2 hitter… Polanco anyone?

    • Bryz Says:

      Does this mean you’ll finally stop your constant blabbering about acquiring Orlando Hudson or should the Twins still go after him?

      Just kidding.

  2. Josh Says:

    Heck no… O-Dawg would be a wonderful addition to our team. His .350 OBP and flashy glove would fit perfectly at second base. However, Placido Polanco should be cheaper and will not cost a draft pick. Perhaps even Felipe Lopez? Honestly though, I bet they settle for a guy like Adam Kennedy or even Nick Punto with a resigning of Joe Crede.

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