Notepad Scribbles, 11/5/09

Congratulations to the New York Yankees winning their 27th championship. I was rooting for the Phillies the whole way and despise the Yankees, but I’ll keep my reactions at a professional level. Besides, this means that we are now closer to free agency, which I enjoy MUCH more than the World Series (unless the Twins were competing).

Edit: This just in. The Yankees are still Pedro’s daddy.

I completely forgot that I have  a baseball from Spring Training ’09 with 4 autographs on it. 2 are from R.A. Dickey and Brian Buscher (I’m in the process of re-identifying who signed the other two autographs…I know they’re both minor leaguers), so with them being outrighted/released, my ball has lost even more value. It’s probably now worth 10 cents instead of 50.

Edit: I’m pretty sure one of them is catcher Danny Lehmann. I cannot remember who the other one is though. If anyone can tell me who wore #81 in spring training for the Twins, that would be nice. And maybe double-check #73 to make sure that really is Lehmann.

It was a bit interesting when I tried to get Dickey’s attention. When I spotted him, I had a dilemna…should I get his attention with “R.A.,” “Robert Alan,” or “Dickey”? Now if his initials were J.T. or A.J. or even C.C. it wouldn’t have been so bad, but saying R.A just seemed awkward. Robert Alan made it sound like I was his mother scolding him for doing something bad. As for Dickey…well that just sounded inappropriate. So I decided I’d rather be inappropriate than awkward or personal and shouted out “Dickey!”  and waved my ball at him (wow is this bad). In retrospect, maybe I should have stuck with R.A….and waved the pen.

By the way, why is it pronounced “Jay” for J.A. Happ? I’ve determined that it is in fact “Jay” and not a rapidly spoken “J.A.” We sure as hell didn’t call Dickey “Ray.”

Quick returns on the newest poll has Philip Humber in the lead and Brian Buscher just recently took over 2nd place by a single vote.

I am disappointed to see that the Twins didn’t trade for Akinori Iwamura. Some people can argue that acquiring Iwamura would have made the Twins lefty-heavy (with Span, Mauer, Morneau, and Kubel) especially if Iwamura hit 2nd, but he’s shown a reverse platoon split in his career.

vs. RHP: .270/.345/.384

vs. LHP: .305/.373/.412

Granted, it’s over 1000 AB against righties and under 500 for lefties, so maybe more AB against LHP would normalize his batting line. Still, assuming that Iwamura would be an above-average hitter against lefthanders for the rest of his career, that would have meant that Kubel would be the only hitter that doesn’t succeed against lefties. Opposing teams could have brought in their LOOGYs (well, five outs in this example) all they wanted, but probably would not have had much success in retiring the Twins’ 1-5 hitters.


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3 Responses to “Notepad Scribbles, 11/5/09”

  1. Topper Says:

    I found this same problem with R.A. at Spring Training. I just called out “R.A.” and I think he seemed pleased that someone knew who he was…

  2. David Says:

    I was bummed about the Iwamura thing as well, but given his subpar defense at second, I don’t think he’d be much of an upgrade (overall) over Punto. Now, if they’d moved him to third, that would have been another story.

  3. Josh Says:

    It appears that the Twins were in on Iwamura, too, coming so far as to cut Buscher to make room on the 40-man roster. It would have been a nice acquisition, but his ACL worries me a bit. His game is predicated on speed (a large amount of infield singles) and I wonder if his offense and defensive range would have suffered a bit. Regardless… how strange that the Pirates snagged him!

    I think the Twins will be starting Nick Punto somewhere in the field since they’re paying him $4 million, so I think they either sign Placido Polanco if he does not qualify as A-level, or trade for JJ Hardy. If they do both, Punto could slide over to third until Valencia is ready.

    See if this helps you… no numbers, but you got the names:

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