Notepad Scribbles, 11/2/09

I apologize to anyone that read on Twitter that I said I’d have an additional post up Saturday night. I was swamped with homework and decided to put my half-finished post on the releases of R.A. Dickey and Philip Humber into the “saved drafts” file.

It’s been pretty even on the poll of who wins the World Series. The Phillies were just barely winning almost the whole time and just lately the Yankees have taken the lead…perhaps because they were up 2-1 and now 3-1? By the way, no one took my bait on providing info from the Simpsons quote in the comments section. The answers I was looking for was Marge Simpson when she was at the horse racing track and she was placing a bet for which horse would win. (The blank in the poll answer was in place of the word “horses”).

Brad Lidge is now the closer that succumbed to facing the elite hitter known as Alex Rodriguez. If it wasn’t for a 7+ ERA and 11 blown saves in the regular season, I’d be more pleased if I started hearing complaints that he should be traded for giving the Yankees the lead in Game 4 a la Joe Nathan. Also, I think it was a bad choice to start Joe Blanton over Cliff Lee (even when he’s never started on 3 days rest in his career) but ultimately it was Lidge that mattered most.

Edit: I’m getting really sick of seeing Matt Stairs as the first vs. RHP pinch-hitter for the Phillies. He did almost nothing offensively this year, but because he has almost no defensive value, there’s no other use for him in the World Series. The Phillies do have Greg Dobbs as another lefthanded batter, but he hasn’t seen any time so far and if he’s not going to be used, might as well have him pinch-hit instead. Then there’s Paul Bako, but other than the fact that he’s the backup catcher, I’m not even going to discuss him. He’s probably be a worse choice than Stairs.*

* Just checked. Stairs has a worse batting average but better OBP and SLG than Bako. Throw in Eric Bruntlett, and WOW do the Phillies have a weak offensive bench.

2nd edit: I forgot about Ben Francisco.

I’m happy to see Brett Favre* win in Green Bay, but disappointed because I picked GB in my football pool. I’ve finished in 2nd or 3rd place every single week, yet stand in 1st overall. I’ve decided that I will adopt a NASCAR mentality and realize that those 2nd and 3rd place finishes, although preventing me from winning a weekly prize, will most likely hand me a much larger prize at the end of the season.

* Why is it more common to reference him as “Brett Favre” instead of just “Favre”? It’s not like there’s another significant Favre in ANY aspect of past or present society.

Lastly, another poll (I love these things). Very straightforward.


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2 Responses to “Notepad Scribbles, 11/2/09”

  1. Eric B. B. Says:

    Regarding Brett Favre: Some celebrities/high profile people in the world have the one name thing going for them–Cher, Ichiro, Madonna, Shaq, etc. Brett just has the opposite; no one knows exactly why.

    My guess: Brett Favre just sounds really cool to say (much cooler than Favre alone).

  2. Topper Says:

    I completely agree about Lee over Blanton in Game 4. They need to set up their best pitcher to pitch 3 games in this series, and after tonight he’s done. Going with a 3-man rotation of Lee, Martinez, and Hamels, also adds Blanton to their bullpen to help lock down what’s obviously showing itself to be a weakness there.

    Bad managerial decision by a great manager.

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