Notepad Scribbles, 10/27/09

Good to see 41 people vote on my very first poll on OTM. Not surprisingly, a majority (28 votes, or 68%) of people think Jose Morales should be the backup to Joe Mauer. Only 5 for Butera (so I’m not alone!) and 2 for Redmond. I’m somewhat curious about the 4 that voted “Someone Else” because I’m unsure of who the Twins would pursue in lieu of Morales and Butera, but hey, I did put that as an option. Oh, and Joe Mauer may be that good, but Gardy won’t destroy him like Dusty Baker destroys pitchers.

71% of you (10 of 14) want me to avoid using smileys on the blog. I guess I’ll just have to resort to Master Chief from “Arby ‘n’ the Chief” instead.

Only one person thought I should be myself, and I promise you that the single vote was not from me. Usually I will vote on my own polls, but I chose to avoid that one since I wanted the readers to decide for me. Also, I’m glad to see the number of votes went up from the 3 that I had for two days.

Edit: I see some people are submitting their last second votes on my polls. Overall, the percentages haven’t really changed much, however.

I want to give a shout-out to Edward Thoma of the Mankato Free Press. His blog is very similar to what you’d get from La Velle and Joe C. from the Star Tribune, except he posts almost every day and isn’t afraid to discuss anything that’s baseball related. His posts are also often very short, so if it’s easy, interesting, and fun reading, how could you say no?

First satire should be up by tonight.

Lastly, another poll. It’s not very imaginative, since everyone else should be doing this as well, but I’m going to throw in a Simpson’s reference as well and I want to see if anyone can correctly name who said it and describe the scene. Bonus points to whoever names the episode as well. If you name the exact time it is said in the episode, then points will be taken off for trying too hard.


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