Is Milano Really Off The Market?


According to a new poll conducted by ESPN, only about 10% of MLB pitchers feel that even though actress and noted Los Angeles Dodgers fan Alyssa Milano recently married in August this year, she may still pursue dating one of them sometime in the future. However, what was most alarming of this 10% was that a clear majority of respondents were active players of the Dodgers.

Milano has dated four MLB players in her life: Brad Penny, Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, and Russell Martin. Of these four, only Martin is not a pitcher, with Penny and Martin both playing for the Dodgers when they dated Milano. She has been a big Dodgers fan for several years now and released her own line of Dodgers womens team apparel in 2007.

Back in August, Milano married her boyfriend, CAA (Creative Artists Agency) agent David Bugliari. But because of her history with professional athletes, many of them are still on the lookout.


Clockwise from top left: Barry Zito, Russell Martin, Brad Penny, Carl Pavano

“Yeah, I am worried a bit,” said Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe. “Not for myself, because I’m married, but for someone like (teammate Clayton) Kershaw. He’s barely in his 20s, he’s just a kid.”

In 2008, after breaking up with Martin, Milano swore off dating baseball players, citing that she wanted to date more mature men. Even though she was dating Bugliari at the time of this comment, more than one Dodger cited this other comment in People Magazine, “My friend tells me, ‘Every time I mention you in front of guys, they all go nuts,'” with the common consensus saying that if some of them still showed interest in her, then she’d likely return the favor.

“So basically,” Lowe added, “we need to get everyone to stop liking her. But that’s not possible. (Russell) Martin’s not over her yet, and it’s already been over a year. I think that’s why he struggled this season, he lost focus because of her.”

Of Milano’s former love interests, only Penny responded to a call asking to offer his take on the issue.  He gave a single comment: “Why do you think I didn’t want to (expletive) go back to L.A.? Seriously?”


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3 Responses to “Is Milano Really Off The Market?”

  1. Josh Says:

    I suppose when she hits her 60’s she’ll start enticing beer league softball players with little pink outfits and extensive surgery that would even make Tommy John blush.

  2. Josh Says:

    And seriously… Brad Penny? He looks like he ate Clayton Kershaw.

  3. Bryz Says:

    That extensive surgery better be really good, otherwise I’m going to appear that I’m blushing…and by that, I mean I’m going to cover my eyes so fast that my blood is going to rush to my head due to the bruises caused around my eyes and cheekbones.

    Penny does seem to be a bit huskier than 240 lbs.

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