Notepad Scribbles, 10/24/09

I’d probably compare this to the Odds & Ends from MLBTR or perhaps an Aaron Gleeman Link-o-Rama with its small, non-analytical, random comments, except these will contain fewer links, will usually give an idea of what’s coming up within the next week or two, and will probably give an update on myself (related to the blog, of course). However, I can be long-winded (as my #2 Catcher post should have shown) so these may actually be like Joe Posnanski ramblings except my stories aren’t as cool.

It’s fall break for Gustavus students and I chose to come home for the extended weekend to check on our new golden retriever puppy. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a non-existent wireless Internet connection, so despite already having an idea for my first OTM satire post before this blog was even created (and having thought of a second while at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight) I am required to go from my basement room* to the top floor of the house for the whole weekend whenever I want to use the Internet. So, instead of possibly getting one of those satires up today and another one either Monday or Tuesday, I’ll instead only be doing one over my extended weekend.

* Finally a blogger that does live in his parents’ basement.** I suppose I get an exception though since now that I’m in college, I’m only home about 3-4 months out of the year. Also, I have an actual bedroom, it’s not like I’m sleeping on the couch.

** I have a bad habit of using smileys in online speech and was severely tempted to use a :-P there. I’ll finish this thought at the end of this post.

I’ve also added 4 new pages to the right column, but only 3 of are real importance. Under the link “My Pre-OTM Literature” you will see 3 additional links that contain content that I wrote before this blog. A brief synopsis of each:

Howard Sinker Guest Post: A midseason review of Luis Ayala and other relievers that the Twins were rumored to be pursuing prior to the 2009 season, shortly after Ayala was released. Unfortunately, I forgot a couple notable relievers, but it still tackles most of the pitchers that easily could have became Twins.

Sports on a Stick: A satirical article on Scott Boras preventing a suicide attempt, then convincing the Pittsburgh Pirates to sign the victim for their starting rotation.

Facebook Note: From ’08, a look at Joe Maddon’s unique usage of the bullpen at the end of the season and into the playoffs, and comparing it to a “closer by committee” and Bill James’ “relief ace.”

Edit: I found two more satires that I wrote in the past year that I submitted to Sports on a Stick but had both rejected. Again, a brief synopsis of each:

Rejected Post #1: An article about R.A. Dickey and his aptly named “Dickey’s Dickies” jeans. Apparently I accidentally tricked one of my friends into thinking this story was real, which is why I am going to attach a Disclaimer link to every satire I write.

Rejected Post #2: A high school in Missouri turns to a sports-related curriculum to improve their sports programs and graduation rates.

Edit: Obviously these posts are no longer up. If you would like to read them, just contact me by email.

Finally, as I said before, I’m an addict to smileys. I started using them because I felt that I sounded too serious in online conversations in middle school, and I haven’t looked back since then. I’m trying to curb that habit a bit here, but I know there will be times where I just can’t help it, so…


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