Hello, and welcome to Off The Mark! My name is Andrew Bryz-Gornia, and I will be your main host (I am planning on adding a few minions over the next month or so) at this blog. I would talk about myself and the making of this blog, but that would be narcissistic and redundant, so I will instead direct you to the two links located in the upper right corner of this page.

This blog is mainly going to focus on my favorite professional baseball team, the Minnesota Twins, by providing commentary, analysis, and satire, as you can see by glancing at the Category section that is also on the right. In addition, I will also mix in discussions about other teams, other sports, and hell, other stuff that you’d probably be better off going to a different website in the first place, just because there’s no way I’d be able to keep my mouth shut. Besides, I’m sure all my Facebook friends have gotten sick of hearing me talk, so I’ll use this as a new outlet.

If you come and read one or more of my posts, I highly encourage you to leave a comment regardless of if it’s just to say hello, offer up points of interest that I may have forgotten or ignored, leave a remark of criticism (preferably of the constructive variety, though if you want to rant, just don’t make any personal attacks), give me a suggestion, or tell me how awesome I am at being awesomely awesome in my posts. I have also left my email in the “About Me” post as well if you would like to speak to me directly. In addition, I can be found on Facebook (how many Andrew Bryz-Gornias do you think are on Facebook? Hint: Not many) and Twitter. I currently have my tweets protected (too many people trying to follow me that I’m not friends with and don’t plan on being friends with), so if you would like to add me, I recommend that you email me first explaining your intentions with adding me so I won’t block you accidentally on purpose. Besides, I have a pretty low amount of followers and people I’m following at the moment. Help me bring those numbers up a bit…like two or three more people.

Once again, if there is anything that you would like to see, I encourage you to give me recommendations. I hope you enjoy OTM, and have a nice day!

PS: I hope to have my first real post up by the weekend. I won’t post on a regular schedule, since I really can’t prepare for anything while in college right now.



One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Jess Walhof Says:

    Nice work.

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